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BREAKING NEWS--Texans Sign Jordan Black

 John McClain reports that the Texans have agreed to a two-year, $3,500,000.00 deal (that includes a signing bonus of $1,200,000.00) with offensive lineman Jordan Black.  Black started fifteen games at left tackle for Kansas City last season, but he's open to the idea of playing anywhere on the line:

"I've been playing left tackle, but let me practice a position and I'll play it," he said. "I am easy that way. I'll play wherever they want me to."

I don't know anything about Black, so I am eager to hear what our friends over at Arrowhead Pride have to say about him.  He's a young, relatively inexpensive offensive lineman playing the premium position on the OL, so the cynic in me wonders why the Chiefs would let him get away if he was that good.

In any event, any addition to the historically inept offensive line has to be considered a boon to the franchise, right?  And when you consider that Charles Spencer's return is far from certain, adding someone who can start at LT looks even better.  As long as Jordan Black doesn't do his best Todd Wade impression (thanks again, Casserly), you have to think this improves the team.