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David Carr Speaks

As the former Golden Boy of your Houston Texans had steadfastly refused all interview requests since his release a couple of weeks ago, it was with great anticipation that I began to read today's story in the Chronicle by my boy John McClain.  Would David Carr bash the Texans organization?  The coaching?  Management?  Would he point fingers at anyone?  The offensive line?  Would he complain about the fans turning on him?  Would he at least mention the incident two years ago when a fan allegedly dumped beer on his wife at Reliant after a particularly poor game?  Surely he had an ax or two to grind, right?

Nope.  The most inflammatory thing he said was that the "bad times" he suffered in Houston "far outweighed" the good times.  That's something that even the most casual follower of the Texans would say, so it hardly registers as controversial.  Carr even thanked the fans and predicted success for his former team, stating that he "wouldn't be surprised to see [Houston] in the playoffs" next season.

I know that Houston fans have lost sleep and gained laryngitis the past five (5) years as a result of following the Texans.  And I know that David Carr's play was a significant component of that.  But regardless of the problems any of us might have with his performance on the field, there should be zero criticism of David Carr's character and class.  As McClain observed in his latest blog post, Carr has to be internalizing a serious case of sour grapes, thus making it all the more commendable that he continues to decline the opportunity to publicly crap on the Texans.  Despite the hundreds of times Carr made me reach for a bottle of Drano, I have the utmost respect with the way he handled himself during his time here.  I have even more respect for the way he's handling himself afterward.  I sincerely wish him all the best in Charlotte.