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2007 Schedule Of Your Houston Texans

Finally!  Some quick thoughts:

  1.  WE GOT A THURSDAY NIGHT HOME GAME!  And it's against Denver!  On national television!  My season just got made.
  2.  Always have to enjoy opening the season at home.  The Chiefs should be a nice initial test for the Texans.
  3.  Get the hype machine primed for an entire week of "Them Idiot Texans Passed On Reggie Bush!" preceding the Texans' home tilt with the Saints.
  4.  The Schaub makes his triumphant return to Atlanta in late September, which should be just about the time that Vick gives his first middle-finger salute to Falcons fans.
  5.  The bye week in November is a tad late for my liking, but I'd much rather have it there than in the first week of October.
  6.  There are a whole lot worse places to be in this world than California during the last week of October and the first week of November.
  7.  All the talk about Carr facing his former team should stop now, unless his father masterminds a Harding-esque plot to take Jake Delhomme out before the second game of the season.
  8.  Although I'm giddy about that Thursday night game, it's going to be tough to play two games in four days late in the season when everyone is rather banged up.
  9.  I'm really psyched at how the home games are spread out over the course of the season.  If my memory is correct, we suffered through a pretty significant dearth of home games last season because of how the schedule was set up.  This year, Houston doesn't have to play more than two (2) games in a row away from Reliant.
All in all, I'm pleasantly surprised.  It's almost like we're a real NFL team or something.