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ESPN--Texans On The Clock

The organization that continues to employ Merrill Hoge (despite mounting evidence that he may not have actually watched a football game in the last twenty (20) years) is currently running a feature that examines each team's needs heading into the draft.  Your Houston Texans were recently featured in that regard.  Although the coverage probably does absolutely nothing for those who have, you know, FOLLOWED THE TEAM IN ANY FASHION, it's nevertheless a quaint primer for casual observers.  

And with that, I think I can boil ESPN's breathaking assessment down to this:

The Texans' most pressing needs are (1) a left tackle; (2) a No. 2 wide receiver; (3) a cornerback; and (4) a safety.

In other news, I hear Einstein's making real waves with something about E equaling MC something or other.  Perhaps ESPN can dissect that mystery of the universe next.