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And The Second Round Begins!

Although our official board hasn't updated yet, several picks have been made that could affect what we do at No. 56.  Here's what's happened since New England picked:

  1.  NE--Ben Grubbs (G, Auburn)
  2.  BAL--Justin Blalock (G, Texas)
  3.  SD--Dwayne Jarrett (WR, USC)
  4.  CHI--Lawrence Timmons (LB, FSU)
  5.  IND--Justin Harrell (DT, Tennessee)
  1.  OAK--Zach Miller (TE, Arizona State)
  2.  DET--Marcus McCauley (DB, Fresno State)
  3.  TB--Buster Davis (LB, Florida State)
  4.  CLE--Ryan Kalil (C, USC)
  5.  CHI--Michael Griffin (S, Texas)
Also, please check out the poll to the right; I'm curious as to what position the BRB community thinks we should target at No. 56.  Or do we simply go best available player?  Leave your thoughts on strategy or possible draftees in the Comments.