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Bring on September 16

I hope Fred Weary gets a chance to start at DT, if only for a play, though the object of his fury (rather than HPD) will be wearing a visor and holding a clipboard.  Tom Kirkendall made a nice catch of an article where Mr. Sunshine made some not-so-nice comments regarding his former team.  If there was any doubt that Carr would sooner rather than later do a 180 and figuratively stab his ex-teammates in the back, it was not held by me.  I'd love to see the results of a secret straw poll conducted by his new teammates considering their expectations for #8.  His reputation as a team-first guy sure is not improving with comments like these.  Good riddance, #8, and here's hoping Jake Delhomme eats a bad plate of crab cakes in mid-September so that Mario can get a few shots at his old "field general".