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If Hair Ruled the World

The most ominpresent man on the most omnipresent cable network in America sees the Texans drafting as follows in two weeks:

1st round: Leon Hall, CB, Michigan
3rd round: Mason Crosby, K, Colorado
4th round: Jacoby Jones, WR, Lane College

Leon Hall would be a fine pick at #10, if guys like Peterson and Landry are off the board.  Hall is a very talented CB, and CB is a position of need for the Texans.  

Listing Mason Crosby as the Texans' third round pick confirms one of two things: Kiper spent the weekend at Pac Man Jones' estate or Kiper fell off of a 12' stepladder while attempting to manage his considerable coif and did significant damage to his brain.  I place the odds of the Texans drafting a kicker in this draft somewhere near the vicinity of the odds that Don Imus throws out a first pitch to celebrate Jackie Robinson Day.

As for Jones, he looks good on paper...if you need another Jerome Mathis.  ESPN's profile of Jones illustrates that he was an outstanding athlete at Lane College (football, basketball, track), and an all-conference receiver (as was Ravenell Dupree, on whom Kiper has the Texans somehow passing).  In sum, Jones runs fast and jumps well, but struggles with strength, physicality, toughness, hands, maintaining focus and ball security.  Sounds like a great pick...for a track team.   For a team that's had to deal with Mathis and Bradford over the past five seasons, I'd like to think that this organization will value some of these other qualities in its future receivers more highly than did the previous coaching regime.