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SB Nation Mock Draft--Round Three Begins

The second round of the SB Nation Mock Draft has concluded, so we boldly march into Round Three.  For an up-to-date listing of all picks through Round Two, check out SB Nation's excellent Detroit Lions blog.  For the sake of completion, here's what's happened since the Texans selected Jonathan Wade at No. 56:

  1.  PHI--Brian Leonard (RB/FB, Rutgers)
  2.  NO--Rufus Alexander (LB, Oklahoma)
  3.  NYJ--LaMarr Woodley (DE, Michigan)
  4.  MIA--Aundrae Allison (WR, East Carolina)
  5.  BAL--Quentin Moses (DE, Georgia)
  6.  SD--Aaron Rouse (SS, Virginia Tech)
  7.  NYJ--Daymeion Hughes (CB, Cal)
  8.  DET--David Harris (LB, Michigan)
  1.  OAK--Tank Tyler (DT, NC State)
  2.  DET
  3.  CLE
  4.  TB
  5.  ARI
  6.  DEN
  7.  MIA
  8.  MIN
73.  HOU
92.  HOU

So, BRB Nation, what's a Texan to do with the 73rd and 92nd picks of a 2007 mock draft?  We addressed LT with Joe Staley in Round One.  We addressed CB with Jonathan Wade in Round Two.  What next?

My visceral reaction is that we should, nay, MUST select a WR with one of those two third-round picks.  We'll have to see how the draft shakes out, but at this point I'd lean heavily toward using our first third round pick on a wideout.  Unless, of course, there is someone available at No. 73 that we feel we'd be complete Casserlys to pass up.  As usual, throw out some names (and preferably logic) in the Comments below.