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With The 92ndPick Of The SB Nation Mock Draft, The Houston Texans Select...

Josh Gattis (FS, Wake Forest).

We entered this draft praying that LaRon Landry would fall to us at No. 10.  When we traded down to No. 21, we strongly considered adding Brandon Meriweather.  Hell, we might have attempted to convince Blaine Bishop or Bubba McDowell to come out of retirement at one time or another.  The bottom line is that the free safety position was begging for an immediate upgrade.  As we've opined on several occasions in this space, the lack of a FS who can actually, you know, COVER someone has doomed the Texans to disaster on several occasions, which has consequently doomed Texans fans to a bad case of the shakes every time a pass is thrown. Although a good bit of the tremors can certainly be blamed on the alcohol Houston fans are forced to imbibe to watch the hometown team, I truly think a sizable portion is due to the inability of the team's safeties to consistently ward off big plays.

Well, problem solved, at least in this hypothetical exercise.  In Josh Gattis, we've added a dynamic, fast, and instinctive FS who has successfully faced some of the best receivers the country has to offer in the ACC and emerged unscathed.  He has great hands and a reportedly innate ability to position himself to deflect or intercept the ball, and he has also shown a willingness to contribute on special teams.  Gattis isn't just a great value pick at No. 92; he has the opportunity to hold down one of the weakest positions on the team for years to come.

And with that, the Texans have concluded their involvement in the 2007 SB Nation Mock Draft.  Thoughts on Gattis? The performance of BRB as your pseudo-Texans? The entire draft? Please rant away in the Comments.