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Life Imitates Mock?

On the heels of Shake pointing us toward this gem yesterday, PFT (via continues to report that the Broncos and Texans are talking trade.  Our good friends over at Mile High Report are understandably vocal about this possible deal as well, though they seem to believe that Alan Branch is the object of Denver's affection for No. 10.

Texans fans should be ecstatic if this scenario comes to fruition.  And no, it's not just because it's almost identical to what BRB did in the SB Nation Mock Draft (though that is pretty freaking cool, and BRB will take full credit for the deal if it happens).  It's simply because the proposed deal would give us a second-round pick AND another third-round pick.  In other words, we'd double the amount of our first-day picks.  For a team with as many holes as Houston has, that qualifies as a bona fide coup.

If I'm Rick Smith, I can't say "yes" fast enough if Denver actually offers No. 21, No. 56, and No. 86 for No. 10.  The question is whether Denver has the stones to trade away second and third round picks to move up eleven spots.  I suggest all Texans fans spend the next forty-two hours praying that Mike Shanahan is taking testosterone injections.