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What Will the Texans Do?

We're less than 48 hours away from the highlight of the off-season, the moment of truth for all draftniks and armchair GMs.  Seeing as how speculation is running amok right now, why not feed the monster?

In the Comments below, please memorialize what you believe the results of Day One of the 2007 NFL Draft will be for your Houston Texans.  Try to keep it as realistic as possible; in other words, refrain from predicting that the Texans will trade up to No. 1 to take Brady Quinn.  Not only will that give me a blinding migraine, it just ain't gonna happen.

Does Houston keep that tenth pick?  If so, who's a Texan come approximately 2:30 p.m. CST on Saturday?  Do the Texans recoup a second-rounder to replace what was lost in the Schaub deal?  Who would be the trading partner?  And who would be the target in the second round?  Does the proposed deal with Denver go through?  If so, who is Smithiak hot after at No. 21?  Who becomes a Texan in the third round?  Or does the pick get traded?  The possibilities are literally endless.

I'll start it off.  As much as I'd love (and I mean LOVE) the deal with Denver to become reality, I just can't see Shanahan & Co. ultimately forfeiting their second and third round picks to move up eleven spots in the first round, especially with the possibility that Alan Branch may be ripe for the taking in the middle of the first round (e.g., Nos. 12-16).  I'd bet that Smithiak tries to get something in the second round, but that their efforts are unsuccessful.  So I think Houston ends Day One with the two picks they currently have--No. 10 and No. 73.

So who are your new Houston Texans in this scenario?  You heard it here first:  Adrian Peterson (who the Browns and Vikings pass on because of concern over his collarbone) at No. 10, and Jason Hill at No. 73.

Now that I've put my predictions in print (read:  opened myself up to endless ridicule), come join me out here on the plank.  It's positively liberating!