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SB Nation Mock Draft--Texans Trade! Again!

All this general managing sure is exhausting.  Your Houston Texans have agreed to send the No. 12 pick to Denver in exchange for their picks at No. 21 and No. 56 (second round).

To recap--we started the day at No. 10, and traded with Buffalo to pick up their first-rounder (No. 12) and a third-rounder (No. 92).  We then spun No. 12 off and picked up a late first-rounder (No. 21) and a second-rounder (No. 56).  Therefore, Houston's current pretend selections in the first three rounds are:

No. 21
No. 56
No. 73
No. 92

Feel free to spew hateful invectives or glowing praise in the Comments here.  Even better, make sure to let me know your thoughts on your favorite candidate(s) at No. 21.