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Jamar Fletcher Visits Houston

Looks like those of us who were praying for the addition of an impact guy in the secondary via free agency aren't defeated yet.  I'm joking, of course.  Nevertheless, former first-round draftee and cornerback Jamar Fletcher visited Houston yesterday, and the dude sounds nine kinds of eager to be a Texan:

"I think this is a beautiful situation," Fletcher said of the Texans. "I would love to come down here and play for the Houston Texans. I know things have to be handled on a business end, but as far as I'm concerned I would love to be here and be a Texan.

"It's a beautiful place, beautiful city, met some of the coaches, met some of the players, I actually know some of the players so it's wonderful."

That's just dandy.  But wait a second...if Fletcher led his team in team in turnovers last season, and that team is Detroit, why is he even on the market?  If the guy is really a difference-maker at CB, wouldn't the Lions have locked him up?  Hell, wouldn't one of the other two teams (Miami and San Diego) he's played for have locked him up before he even got to Detroit?  I ask, because I really don't know.  Just seems a bit odd to me...