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Texans Sign Darius Walker

Finally, some substantive news about the hometown pigskin unit!  After initially agreeing to joing the Chicago Bears as a rookie free agent, Notre Dame RB Darius Walker pulled an about-face and signed a contract with your Houston Texans yesterday.

Have to be honest...this move confuses me.  Not from the Texans' standpoint; it's always a good idea to add a skilled RB who had success at a big-time college program for the (relative) cost of a cup of coffee. It carries virtually no risk. But I don't understand why Darius Walker would opt to sign with Houston when Ahman Green, Ron Dayne, Chris Taylor, Samkon Gado, and Wali Lundy are already on the roster.  Perhaps he looks at that Murderers Row and thinks to himself, "The only two guys who are guaranteed jobs are Green and Dayne; I can beat the rest of those posers out for the third RB spot."  Perhaps he felt better about the chance of a long-term future here than elsewhere (e.g., Chicago, where Cedric Benson figures to be the guy for the next several years)?  Maybe he just thinks the overall lack of talent on the Houston roster means he can nail down a roster spot by virtue of his talent?  Or does he just really, really dig Tex-Mex?

Regardless, I'll be happy to have him in camp.  He's an intriguing prospect, and anyone that can potentially take the heat off The Schaub, now or in seasons to come, is a fine addition to the squad.