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Matt Schaub Is No David Carr

And I don't simply say that because he's refrained from whining about his former team.  No, I say it because of this nugget from John McClain's latest blog entry:

"If you're like me, you're excited about the Texans starting their official offseason program on Wednesday. They're called OTAs. I can't wait to watch new quarterback Matt Schaub throwing to Andre Johnson and the other receivers.

I'm sure it's going to be all Schaub all the time for a while. So far, I know this much from talking to the players and coaches. He's arrives at Reliant Park early, and he stays late. He spends a lot of time with his teammates on and off the field."

A quarterback who actually puts in the time necessary to be successful?  In Houston?  What?  As most Texans fans know, frequent whispers emanating from Reliant Park the last five years often accused David Carr of leaving early and/or not making an effort to spend time with his teammates.  I can't imagine that his father's constant presence at every practice (and subsequent side gig as his son's chauffeur*) put questions of Carr's leadership ability to rest either.  As such, it's a real treat to have a guy who appears to have a hunger to excel under center.  For all the good he did while he was in Houston, I don't remember ever reading that David Carr put forth this kind of extra work.  This is all for moot, of course, if The Schaub proves to be the second coming of Tom Flick, but it's encouraging to read this sort of thing when every team is undefeated.

*Scott has a hilarious story about this; it is my hope that he'll regale the BRB Community with it in the Comments.