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What Ever Happened To...Dave Ragone?

What a wonderful pick DR turned out to be.  Big, strong, product of a productive pro-style Louisville Cardinal offense.  Sure, it didn't work out in Houston, probably for the same multitude of reasons that #8's tenure was abruptly ended this spring - bad coaching, bad offensive line, shortage of surrounding talent.  So, where's Davey Rags now?  Who's he going to try to break camp with in the fall?  Will he get a shot at a starting job somewhere?

The answer is yes, David Ragone has found his starting job, and the competition is fierce.  The NFL, you say?  No - the Louisville morning drive market.  1570 The Zone in Louisville announced that they are dropping ESPN Radio and going with an all-local sports talk format, led off by Rock and Jock (Jock = Ragone) from 7-10 every morning.  Is it too early to call the Ragone pick a bust?

More importantly, what questions should be submitted to Davey for BRB's initial call into Rock and Jock.  

"What about Carr?  He looks like a sissy?  Is that true?"

"If you had been given the keys to the Texans' offense, would they have made the playoffs yet?"

"Is it true that you were rejected in your attempt to become The Bachelor?"