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Full List of Houston's Signed Rookie Free Agents

We've mentioned some of the signings here at BRB, but I don't believe we've had a comprehensive list of the rookie free agents signed by Rick Smith & Co.  From the Texans website:

Jon Abbate  (LB, Wake Forest)
Cory Anderson  (FB, Tennessee)
Victor DeGrate  (DE, Oklahoma State)
Onrea Jones  (WR, Hampton)
Enoka Lucas  (C, Oregon)
Brandon Mitchell  (S, Ohio State)
Terry Richardson  (WR, Arizona State)
Derrick Roberson  (CB, Rutgers)
Deljuan Robinson  (DE, Mississippi State)
Luke Smith-Anderson  (TE, Idaho)
Tavo Tupola  (OT, Utah)
Darius Walker  (RB, Notre Dame)
Eric Wilbur  (P, Florida)
Jared Zabransky  (QB, Boise State)

Three observations:

  1.  First Jerome Mathis, now Onrea Jones.  When did Hampton University open a satellite campus at Reliant Park?
  2.  If you haven't read Jon Abbate's story, please do so.  Needless to say, we should all be rooting our collective arses off for this dude to make the squad.
  3.  Before I lay me down to sleep, I shall pray to Kubes Eric Wilbur to keep.  Seriously, the guy now has the full endorsement of BRB simply because he plays the same position as Chad Stanley.  C'mon, Wilbur!  Seize the day!  And the punter's gig!