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Kailee Wong To Retire?

At the very least, it appears that we've seen the last of Kailee Wong in the battle red, steel blue, and liberty white.  As longtime fans will recall, Wong was one of the first "big name" signings the organization made before the inaugural season in 2002.  While his production (specifically in the category of tackles) has declined since he left Minnesota, Houston fans know how valuable he was to the defense until a horrific knee injury sidelined him for most of 2005 and a good chunk of 2006.

It's too bad that Wong seems destined to be a salary cap casualty, but the writing was on the wall once Shawn Barber and Danny Clark were signed.  His cap number simply doesn't justify Wong's likely spot on the depth chart, so Rick Smith has to jettison one of the last remaining original Texans.  Tough move, but totally necessary to continue the process of digging the team out of the salary cap hell Charley Casserly visited upon our fair city.