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Charles Spencer Has Gas

Metaphorically, of course.  What an awesome quote:

"I read everything, and I use it every day for gas in my system," Spencer said. "I cut everything out, and it's sitting in my office in my house. As long as they keep writing them, I'll keep putting them up. I've got a lot of anger. It's been awhile, so I'm a little excited to get back."

Is anyone else as excited as I am that this guy cuts out negative articles about himself and hangs them in his office for motivation?  I am still skeptical that Spencer will be ready for the season opener; we won't know how his knee will react once it is actually put into game conditions.  Nevertheless, it's great to see that he's so passionate about watching tape, getting healthy, and proving the haters wrong.  I've said it once, and I'll say it again:  If Charles Spencer is starting at LT for the Texans this season, Mel Kiper, Dr. Z, and the rest of the pundits who blasted the Texans for giving Matt Schaub "the Carr Treatment" (definition:  the national media's bemoaning that Carr never had any help on the OL) should be doused in barbeque sauce and placed in a windowless room with Dom DeLuise.