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Jason Simmons Is A Helluva Guy

All too often we fans lament the conduct of professional athletes.  Sometimes, it's well deserved; there are far too many stories about Pacman Jones, Chris Henry, and Tank Johnson to think that the misbehaving professional sports star is a myth.  But there are occasions when guys that get paid to play a kid's game do the right thing, and Houston fans are lucky enough to have one of those guys here in town:

"The tradition around the NFL is that if you want someone else's number, you pay them.

When [Ahman] Green finally asked, [Jason] Simmons shocked him.

"He said, 'Sure, but I'd like you to make a down payment on a single-parent home through a foundation or charity,' " Green said. "I was like, 'Yeah I'm all on board. That's easy. Tell me where to write the check to.'

"So instead of putting the money into his pocket, he's going to put in into somebody else's home and help them get their life started."

Bravo, Jason Simmons.  You've made it a little easier to tolerate the Pacmans of the world, and a whole lot easier to root for you and the Texans.