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Amobi Okoye Makes A Good First Impression

From the Chronicle:

"I don't think I could have gotten into a better situation. The guys here are so ... I don't know what word to describe it. I just feel comfortable."

As all BRB readers know, I am as giddy about Okoye's arrival as Charles Hill is come the dinner bell ringing at a Baltimore area soup kitchen.  Alright, that one was a bit offsides.  I apologize to the Baltimore area soup kitchen patrons who may be reading this; you deserve better than to be compared to Charles Hill.  But how about this classic line from N.D. Kalu?

"It's exciting, but it also adds pressure, because now we have like 20 first-round picks on the defensive line," Kalu said.

Well, I GUESS that we have to consider Travis Johnson and Jason Babin first-round draft picks, seeing as how they were taken in the first round and all.  Had they amounted to 50% of what Charley Casserly thought they would be, however, Okoye and Super Mario probably wouldn't be in H-Town right now.  Looking at it from that perspective, then, do we all owe our hapless former GM a hearty thank-you?