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New Acquisitions At LB Won't Be Starting?

It appears that Kubes is not planning on Danny Clark and/or Shawn Barber holding down a starting job on the defense.  In this article detailing the fight for the starting SAM job between Shantee Orr and Charlie Anderson, I was surprised to learn that Barber and Clark have been penciled in for back-up (Clark) and nickel (Barber) roles.  As the learned Gary Kubiak has slightly more knowledge about schemes and personnel than yours truly, I'll defer to him here.  Pretty nice to know that the Texans will have that kind of depth at LB, right?

On a related note, this decision also shows how highly the Texans regard Shantee Orr.  The guy has been a scrapper since the day he arrived in town as practice squad fodder, and he always seems to be in the mix once the ball is snapped.  Here's hoping he rises to the occasion yet again and runs out of the tunnel on September 9th as the starting SAM.