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Some Things Never Change...

Brace yourself:  Jerome Mathis is not 100% healthy.  He is, however, by his own estimation, at 90 to 95% operating capacity.  As I've said on many occasions in this space, I think the arrival of Apostrophe Davis was the death knell for Mathis' time in H-Town.  Gary Kubiak's latest comments seem to support that assertion:

"It's critical because we're at a point at his career where he had a great rookie season, but last year he dressed for two games for us I think and he struggled physically," Kubiak said.

"He has been out here everyday, he's practiced everyday, he had some issues with tightness today, but our football team is very competitive right now..."

Also in that article are a couple of other notes that warrant mention:

  1.  Chris Taylor at FB?  Probably not, but count me in favor of him playing anything (Punter!) that will get him on the active roster.
  2.  Nice to see that Mike Flanagan is healthy.  Although you'd love to be able to carry both he and Steve McKinney on the active roster, their respective cap figures of $4,000,000.00 and $1,850,000.00 may make that cost-prohibitive.  McKinney, however, has shown that he can play guard as well; that may be all the justification the team needs to keep both veterans if Flanagan wins the battle to start at center.

    Update [2007-5-24 15:44:28 by Tim]:--Seems I jinxed Mathis with this post. Kubes does not sound happy with Jerome's propensity for the training room table.