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NFL Calendar

Well, the Texans completed Week Two of their Organized Team Activities yesterday, and will be off until Tuesday for the holiday weekend.  You know it's the dog days of the offseason when N.D. Kalu's stomach flu merits mention in an article (see link above).

Otherwise, there's not much to report.  That's probably a good thing; I'd rather have nothing to talk about than write ad nauseam about the Pacmans of the world.  But we here at BRB strive to please, so in response to Shake's request for a calendar of vital league dates (courtesy of the league website):

06/01/07--Deadline for old clubs to send tender to unsigned unrestricted free agents to receive exclusive negotiating rights for rest of season if player is not signed by another club by July 22nd.

06/01/07--Deadline for old clubs to send tender to unsigned restricted free agents or to extend qualifying offer to retain exclusive negotiating rights.

06/15/07--Deadline for old clubs to withdraw original qualifying offer to unsigned restricted free agents and still retain exclusive negotiating rights by substituting tender of 110 percent of previous year's salary.

06/24/07-06/27/07--NFL Rookie Symposium.

Late 07/07--Training camps open.

07/22/07--Signing period ends at 4 p.m. ET for unrestricted free agents who received June 1st tender.

08/05/07--Pro Football Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio (New Orleans vs. Pittsburgh).

08/09/07-08/13/07--First preseason weekend.

08/28/07--Roster cutdown to maximum of 75 players.

09/01/07--Roster cutdown to maximum of 53 players.

09/06/07-09/10/07--Kickoff 2007 Weekend.

Man, this is painful.