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Gotta Like What You Hear From Kevin Walter

Whether he actually becomes a legit No. 2 wideout, I don't know.  But I do know that the guy says all the right things:

"I'm a team player," Walter said. "I'll do whatever coach wants me to do. It's frustrating when you're working real hard and things aren't going your way. When you lose, it is frustrating because you put in the work. But I wasn't frustrated at all in not getting the ball. I was frustrated more about us losing as a team."

"Andre is a class-act on and off the field," Walter said. "He works extremely hard, and I'm just working to try to be like him."

So let me get this straight:  Kevin Walter is a selfless, team-first guy who wants to emulate Andre Johnson.  Uhhhhh...yes.  Yes, we'll take him.

I'd be lying if I didn't also admit that a large portion of my optimism is strictly the result of Kubes' unwavering belief in the guy.  I mean, Kubes went so far as to say that if he had done a better job utilizing Kevin Walter, the Texans "win a few more games."  Now, I realize that's probably just coachspeak.  The lack of balls thrown Walter's way last season was not the difference between six and nine wins.  Hell, it might not have even been the difference between six and seven wins.  But for Kubes to go on record like that, he obviously sees something special in Walter.  As such, I may have to hold my water about the lack of a No. 2 WR until further notice.