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I Am Glad We Have The Other Falcons QB

We generally try to stay Texans-centric here at BRB, so please excuse the headline of this post.  While the Vickbull Saga has to be causing bile to rise in the throat of Falcons fans with each new revelation concerning their franchise quarterback's alleged involvement in illegal activity, I selfishly marvel at how lucky the Texans were to pry Matt Schaub away from Atlanta when they did.  

Think about it:  If the Texans wait another month to make that deal, Schaub isn't available.  Knowing what they do now, do you think Atlanta would trade Schaub again?  Methinks they would not.  In the event that Vick is suspended for any portion of the season (and I think he will be IF charges are actually filed, which remains to be seen), the Falcons must put their offensive welfare in the hands of...Joey Harrington?  I don't know Rich McKay and/or Bobby Petrino, but I feel confident in stating that they would rather have The Schaub as their safety valve than a poor man's David Carr.

Perhaps we should think about that the next time we (and I include myself here) whine that the Texans paid a king's ransom for Matt Schaub.  It could have been far, far worse on several different levels.