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The "No Fun League" Goes Dry

The Commish is taking things to a whole new level, one that is analogous to smashing a gnat with a sledgehammer.  Prohibiting cold beer on an NFL flight or at a team function is absolutely absurd.  As tragic as Josh Hancock's death unquestionably was, and as repulsive as Adam Jones' behavior certainly is, none of their misdeeds are reported to have resulted in any way from the ingestion of alcohol on a team flight or at a team function.  Hancock reportedly spent several hours at a restaurant and bar the night of his death, and Jones, well, he's tossed Benjamins around in every strip club from Raleigh to Portland.  No one from the League will complain publicly, I imagine, because clearly it is a politically incorrect position to take, but I for one find this to be an abuse of power that will solve nothing.