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Matt Schaub Is The 19th Best QB In The NFL!

Or so says Peter King.  Although King doesn't explain each individual's ranking, he did pen this tidbit on The Schaub:

"Mike Vick's understudy will be better this year than Mike Vick. I've got Matt Schaub 19th and Vick 21st. Schaub's gobbling up Gary Kubiak's system this spring and I think he'll be a low-error, efficient player..."

"Low-error" and "efficient" don't exactly pop, but after five years of "high-error," "woefully inefficient," and "Sweet Mariah, what the hell was that?" QB play, we'll gladly take it.  

With regard to the rankings in general, it's obviously completely subjective and all a matter of opinion.  Vince Young as the seventh-best NFL quarterback this coming season?  I mean no disrespect to one of the few people in this world with the power to make me openly weep, way.  He's amazing and all, but even Vince can't compensate for the personnel bloodletting that took place in Nashville this offseason.  He's got no one to throw to!  And he's relying on LenDale the Hutt to run the ball effectively!  That's a recipe for disaster, even for the man I affectionately dubbed "Jesus in Cleats" over at H-Town Sports.  Mark my words--VY will still single-handedly lead his squad to victory a few times this season, but The Schaub will have a far more impressive campaign statistically.  Oh, and the Texans will win more games than Bud's team.  Take it to the bank.