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AFC South Roundtable: Guess Who's First?

In a blatant attempt to keep ourselves sane during the dog days of the offseason, SB Nation's AFC South bloggers have vowed to analyze each division rival's prospects for the coming season.  I've been tasked with preparing some biting literature about that team that the Texans somehow manage to own every season.  You might know them as the Jacksonville Jaguars.  That piece of classic blogging will be coming shortly.  But first things first:  What do our division rivals think of the tumultuous offseason experienced by our beloved Texans?

Well, now we know what at least one rival fan thinks.  In what may end up being an eerie bit of foreshadowing of the final standings of the AFC South, your Houston Texans were addressed first by our buddy BigBlueShoe over at our Indianapolis Colts site, Stampede Blue.  His assessment of Houston's QB situation is, how do you say, NOT POSITIVE.  Take a gander and bombard BigBlueShoe with comments questioning how he can see straight through those blue-colored spectacles he wears.  He really likes that.