Matt vs. Shoe

     Wow.  No real college football news.  No Texans news.  And so now we are left to be entertained by some serious word-throwing.  It's not exactly the fighting style I am used to, but allow me to spell out the details thus far.

     The opening bell sounded here, and the race was on.  And 4 hours before Tim even had a chance to let us at BRB know what was taking place, Matt had already returned fire at BigBlueShoe. {Note to Self: Don't piss off Matt}

     Then this morning, Shoe came out of his corner throwing a series of jabs back at Matt, along with enough misspellings and literary mistakes to induce heart-failure for any middle school English teacher.  That's right, Shoe fights dirty by using bad spelling and typos.....which only cause you to read everything twice, while your brain attempts to make sense of the letter combinations. (But then again, StampedeBlue also has a resident named PaytonMenning)

And I'm pretty sure that if you actually followed all those links above, then I have helped you waste a good portion of the past hour...which makes me feel like my work here is doing some good.

So, get a cold Shiner Bock, have a seat in front of the screen, and enjoy the match...because there really is NOTHING ELSE to do...and you never know when Matt will drop a Trucker Gang Bang reference.