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BigBlueShoe Isn't Done Crapping on Houston Yet

As Shake alluded to in the diary entry to the right, our colleague over at Stampede Blue hasn't been swayed by the retorts of yours truly or Matt over at Da Good, Da Bad, and DeMeco.  That's DeMeco, Mr. Shoe.  Not "DaMarco."  Please do us the courtesy of properly recognizing the reigning Defensive Rookie of the Year.  Of course, I suppose we could begin dubbing a certain Indy QB "Parson Manwing" in the interest of compromise.

Shoe's latest post attempts to respond to Matt's scathing rebuke of his "analysis" of why The Schaub will be no better than Carr.  This time, Shoe even makes a valid point--Matt Schaub does have to prove that he's a legitimate starting quarterback in the NFL once the regular season starts.  In a related story, water is wet.  

With the exeception of that argument, however, Shoe spent the remainder of the piece (1) rekindling a disturbing admiration for one David Carr (you know, the former No. 1 pick of the entire draft who has posted these numbers in his illustrious career); (2) downplaying Gary Kubiak's success with quarterbacks in Denver (because, as their careers have so eloquently demonstrated, anyone can make Brian Griese and Jake Plummer into Pro Bowlers); and (3) completely ignoring the argument that his earlier points that the Texans had/have (a) a terrible offensive line (we've discussed this on countless occasions, but the line was nowhere near as bad last year as some people would like to think it was), (b) no running game (Domanick Davis was consistently a 1,000 yard RB when healthy, and recently signed Ahman Green is no slouch under any interpretation), and (c) no receivers (Pro Bowler ANDRE FREAKING JOHNSON, who led the entire league in receptions last season!) are wholly without merit.  In other words, not just a little bit wrong.  A whole lot wrong.

But that's okay.  Shoe is entitled to his opinion, no matter how much any of us disagree with it or question whether the only explanation for his "arguments" is an undisclosed familial relation to Skip Bayless.  I look forward to asking him how he would like his crow prepared once The Schaub completes his first full season as a starter, Ahman Green rushes for 1,200 yards, and Andre Johnson once again spends another week or two in Hawaii come February.