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News Flash--BigBlueShoe Still Doesn't Believe In Matt Schaub

Not content to let a sleeping Schaub lie, our intrepid colleague over at Stampede Blue has released his latest attack on Texans fans.  This one even contains a neat "chill pill" graphic.  Perhaps the next post can prominently feature a picture of Kelly Kapowski, M.C. Hammer, Homey Da Clown, or some other piece of early 90s nostalgia.  Topical humor rules.

As usual, I'm a bit confused by the apparent double standard inherent in Shoe's "analysis."  He whines that Colts fans had to "endure years of listening to moron fans and even dumber pundits bash, berate, and demean Peyton Manning," yet he apparently has no qualms about bashing, berating, and demeaning Matt Schaub and/or the Texans.  Isn't that just a tad hypocritical?  

Unlike Manwing, Schaub has done nothing to deserve the criticism leveled at him.  I mean, at least Indy's QB was on the wrong side of some rather big games against the Patriots.  All Schaub has done is toil anonymously as a backup to Michael Vick and work his tail off since arriving in H-Town.  Why the venom?  Why the childish insults about his mug?  You'd think the fans of the Super Bowl champions, the same fans who had to ""endure years of listening to moron fans and even dumber pundits bash, berate, and demean" their QB would be a bit more gracious.

So why aren't they?  Could it be fear?  The terrifying reality that the Texans were the last team to beat their beloved Colts?  The sick feeling that the Texans, armed with a terrific corps of young players and an offensive guru, may be nipping at the heels of Dungy & Co.?  We'll see how terrible our new QB is when he's slinging TDs to Andre Johnson on 09/23/07 at Reliant.  Even better, I look forward to Shoe cursing the name of DeMeco "Don't Call Me DaMarco" Ryans when the Texans make it two in a row against the Super Bowl champs.