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Sellout String in Jeopardy?

According to Pro Football Talk, the Texans still have nearly 2000 season tickets available for the 2007 season, despite the acquistion of Matt Schaub, the exile of David Carr and the possible return of hometown hero Keenan McCardell (ok, that's a reach - I'm just angling for a complimentary press pass from the marketing department).  And as PFT wisely points out, if you're on the "Priority Wait List" at Reliant Stadium, you may want to make a follow-up phone call. Anyone who has ever attended a game at Reliant Stadium in person (or watched one on TV) knows the absolute irrelevance of said "streak" in terms of atmosphere at the game. Multiple games last season saw in excess of 50% of the stadium's seats unoccupied, so my attention is not on ticket sales, but instead on ticket usage.