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Paging Dr. Gado...

I have no idea why the local media hasn't seized upon this yet, but Samkon Gado missed a few OTAs last month.  No, he wasn't in jail.  No, he wasn't making it rain.  No, he wasn't on the illegal street racing circuit.  No, he wasn't awaiting the birth of a new litter of pitbulls.

He was attending a prep course.  For the MCAT. Yes, you read that right:

"He first took the test two years ago but decided to take it again to try to improve his score before applying to medical school. He enrolled in a class in South Carolina to prepare.

'It wasn't an easy class and that's why he let me stay and miss some of the offseason workouts,' Gado said. 'It was good. It was long and arduous, but I think it prepared me for the test.'"

And then, later in the article:

"Gado said his goal is to make the team. He said he will set more goals after he accomplishes the first one. But regardless of what happens with the Texans, he already has a great backup plan.

'Medicine has always been priority No. 1,' Gado said. 'Football has been a very welcome diversion and I'd like to entertain that as long as possible. But for as long as I can remember, the plan has always been med school. Everything I can do right now in the offseason is tailored toward that end.'"

I never thought I'd smile at one of the Texans calling football "a very welcome diversion."  But I just did.