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Ah, Man, the Texans' RB Corps Gets No Respect

Tim already chronicled the WWLIS' ridiculous, yet quite predictable, disrespect of the Matt Schaub acquistion.  The hilarity continues, as the suits in Bristol have ranked the Texans' current RB corps as the 28th best in the NFL heading into the season.

Now don't get me wrong, I definitely think that there's room to upgrade Green/Dayne/Lundy/Gado (and BRB certainly has not dismissed Chris Taylor yet as a potential contributor).  None of the Texans' RB is a threat to go the distance when handed the ball, and that is definitely a problem. However, Dayne was quite effective last year, Green showed flashes of the Ahman of old and Lundy is entering only his second season.  Regardless, here are a few teams' who ESPN preferred over the Texans at RB:  Raiders (Rhodes/Fargas/M. Bush) #13, Jets (T. Jones/Washington) #17,  Dolphins (R. Brown/Booker) #18, Lions (K. Jones, Bell, Duckett) #20, Bears (Benson, Peterson) #24.

Post your thoughts below.  Personally, though I agree that guys like Rhodes, Bush, Jones and Brown are individually better than any feature back that the Texans have to offer, I prefer the Texans' overall backfield depth chart over most, if not all, of those five teams. The key to the Texans' running game this season is going to be Matt Schaub. If Schaub can establish a downfield threat downfield in the vertical passing game and spread the ball around to Andre, Daniels, Walter and company, then that will help provide much-needed balance to the Texans' offense, which will hopefully give the offensive line some leverage in attempting to open holes for the backs. The Texans were 20th in the NFL in 2006 in yards per carry (3.9) and only about 0.3 yards from being a top-10 team, and surely the addition of Ahman Green makes them even better, right?