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Viva Antigua!

One of my personal favorite autumnal pilgrimages is a virtual trek to Antigua to visit my friends at  It's never too early to take a look at what they're thinking for football season.  In that regard, Week One regular season NFL lines have been posted.  The Texans host the Chiefs on September 9, and Sportsbook has currently got the game as a pick.  I would have to agree - with no Trent Green and with Matt Schaub, this game is going to be quite unpredictable.  

Some other Texans-related lines:
Odds to win the AFC South - 12:1 (Colts are 4:11)
Odds to win the AFC - 50:1
Odds to win the Super Bowl - 100:1
Regular season wins - over/under 6.5 (I'll take the over)

If you're really feeling like a soothsayer, you can take the AFC -7 over in the 2008 Super Bowl, choose the over/under for Adrian Peterson's first carry (3.5 yards) and whether or not Brady Quinn and Jamarcus Russell's first pass will be a completion or an incompletion/interception.  When you're finished, I've got a 1-800 number for you to call and a Wednesday lunch meeting you should attend.