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Still Haven't Played A Game, And The Schaub Deal Now Looks Positively Brilliant

Think Atlanta might want a mulligan on that Schaub deal right about now?

Wow.  While I firmly believe in the twin notions of "innocent until proven guilty in a court of law" and "you can indict a ham sandwich" as bedrocks upon which our society was built, let me say this:  You have to think the feds feel pretty damn confident that they've got Vick dead to rights, particularly after the recent horror stories that have demonstrated what happens to the careers of overzealous prosecutors when they go after athletes without sufficient proof (e.g., Duke Lacrosse).  

Now, the question is what does Roger Goodell do?  Suspend Vick now?  Wait until there's been a final adjudication on the case?  The latter would seem to be the most prudent from a purely objective standpoint, but there's no requirement that I'm aware of that would require Goodell to wait.  And the argument can certainly be made that Vick has already harmed the league and the Falcons enough to warrant punishment, regardless of whether he's actually convicted.  Needless to say, this will be fascinating to watch as it develops.  Well, at least on September 30th, anyway.