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Texans Sign Last Draft Pick First

The Chronicle reports that Zac Diles has signed a four year deal worth $1.72M, including a $56,915 signing bonus.  The deal could become more valuable if Diles plays in 35% or more of the plays in two seasons prior to 2010 based on an escalator clause built into the contract.

Pardon my nerdiness, but if the Chronicle's report is truly accurate (I'd say this risk was massive if Megan Manfull was not the author of the report in question) such that the escalator kicks in if Diles plays in at least 35% of all "plays", would that not include offensive plays as well or is it just limited to defensive and special teams plays, in which he is obviously much more likely to participate?  If you say for the sake of argument that there are 100 plays in a game, split 45 offense, 45 defense and 10 special teams, then it seems like that 35% barrier would be a pretty elusive one for most players other than the primary core (Schaub, Carr, Andre, Dunta, DeMeco).