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Falcons Having Second Thoughts? Really?

Adam Schefter at the NFL Network reports an earth-shattering development in the aftermath of the Vick indictment: the Falcons want Matt Schaub back.  According to Schefter, there is a rumor floating around some circles that the Falcons would be willing to part with two first-round draft picks to get Schaub back from the Texans, but the Texans are perfectly satisfied with the Anti-Carr, who has "demonstrated leadership, accuracy [and] intelligence" during his few months in Space City, all of which are traits that were lacking from the Texans' prior starting QB, who by all accounts (ok, most accounts) was more concerned with his hairstyle than either his own development as a quarterback or team's success.

I am personally thrilled with the Schaub acquisition and believe that he is capable of being the Texans' starting QB for the next ten seasons.  However, TWO first round draft picks?  For a guy who's started just two NFL games at QB?  If that was really true, would you be willing to accept that return as incentive to send Schaub back to Atlanta and go with Sage for a year or two at QB?  It's not like the Falcons are likely to be a title contender in 2007 or 2008, so those two draft picks could potentially be very high first round draft picks.  Thoughts?  

I would probably say no, simply because Texans' fans want to win "now", and Schaub gives them the best chance to do so.  However, I would not be terribly disappointed if the Texans' were able to milk a couple of first-round draft picks out of Bobby Petrino in return for Schaub, who obviously could possess all the intangibles but still not pan out as a winning QB in the NFL. Petrino must be thrilled with his current situation.  Wonder how many text messages he sends a week to Brian Brohm?

UPDATE: Check out this open letter by Atlanta columnist Furman Bischer to Falcons' owner Arthur Blank regarding his decision to trade Schaub rather than Vick. The Texans have certainly made myriad mistakes in their early stages of existence, but one can never claim that Bob McNair has allowed a player of questionable character to "hold the franchise hostage". Questionable talent? Now that's a whole different ball of cheese.