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Texans Ink Bennett, Sea Devil

Megan Manfull reports that the Texans signed their fourth-round draft pick, Fred Bennett of South Carolina, to a deal (terms undisclosed).  Two in, four to go.  Unlike Diles, Bennett seems a lock to make the team.

(Somewhat) less interestingly, the team also reached an agreement with the cog of the NFL Europe Champion Hamburg Sea Devils' defensive line, Thomas Smith, who had four sacks and 24 tackles this spring.  Ol' Travis Johnson really should keep a duffel bag ready and his car running - it's looking less and less likely that he's going to be on the opening week roster. Here is a link to Thomas Smith's draft profile from Sounds like a lug who might be able to take up two blockers to open some space for Amobi and Mario, at least as of two years ago. Among Thomas' teammates in Deutschland: Tony Hollings and Quentin Griffin. And think Thomas won't appreciate the chance to play ball in the States? Think again. Compare this to this.