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Training Camp Approaches...

Less than a week out from training camp, the official site is taking a look at the different positions on the squad and who is in the mix at each:

Tight Ends
Running Backs
Wide Receivers
Defensive Backs

Obviously, any discussion at TE begins and probably ends with Owen Daniels.  RB is a far more interesting story, chiefly because there's simply no way that someone who has shown a flash of real talent (Wali Lundy?  Chris Taylor?)  isn't going to get shown the door; there just aren't enough roster spots for everyone.  The WR situation is positively frightening, as it's Andre Johnson and a prayer.  Perhaps I've just stumbled on a new nickname for Kevin Walter with that quip.  DB, of course, was one of the most glaring areas of need heading into the offseason.  Will the additions of Fred Bennett and Jamar Fletcher keep me from popping Tums like Tic-Tacs this season?  Probably not, but training camp is about to open.  A man can dream.