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Rookies Starting To Sign In A Hurry

I've been rather remiss in reporting the rookie signings in real-time, though Scott has done a great job of nailing the first couple of signings (see here and here).  Today's online edition of the Chronicle has a fine story that makes up for my laziness and also provides a few new nuggets of information.  The two rookies expected to make the biggest impact this season (Amobi Okoye and Jacoby Jones, for those who have had their head in the sand; a/k/a "pulling a Casserly" around these parts) still aren't in the fold, but you can bet that the brass is doing everything possible to make sure those two guys are in camp come Friday.  Needless to say, I'm positively giddy that a certain rookie is already signed.  Other news from the aforementioned story:

-Fare thee well, Darius Walker.  We hardly knew you.  That decision to leave Notre Dame early hasn't worked out so well, has it?

-Really, really sad to see Eric Wilbur go.  But...

-I.  Love.  Matt.  Turk.  More to the point, I love anyone who might force Chad Stanley to cease and desist from giving me nightmares.  And the numbers would seem to demonstrate that Turk has an excellent chance of stopping my night terrors.  Well, the ones about Chad Stanley, anyway.

-Get it in gear, Keenan.  Do you really want to play in D.C.?  Doesn't the thought of playing at home, with Andre Johnson, hold a certain allure?  If the money's really the same (and everything I've read says he's being offered the veteran's minimum in base salary), come home.  To paraphrase a wise man, you're not too good for your home.

One more thing--if you haven't already, be sure to check out a sneak peek at KC Joyner's take on the Texans this year over at Da Good, Da Bad, and DeMeco.  While I don't agree with KC's projected forecast for the hometown team, it looks awfully fancy and scientific.  Definitely worth the read.