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Ahman Green and Jason Simmons: The Anti-Vicks

For those of us who have fought off the wise words of Jerome Solomon and persisted in our worthless, pathetic lives as Texans' fans, a story reported reported  by (albeit way back on the Houston team page, likely to be seen by the precious few holdout "loser" fans should put a little extra pep in the steps of Texans Nation.  Especially on the heels of Tank Johnson, Adam Jones and Michael Vick, the details of Ahman Green, Jason Simmons and Bob McNair teaming up to put Regina Foster and her 7-year old son Reginald in a brand new Houston-area home is enough to make me forget the debauchery that has become the face of the league, if only for an evening.

Simmons agreed to give Green his #30 jersey number if Green would take the money that he offered to pay Simmons for the number and use it to put a deserving family in a new home.  Ms. Foster agreed as part of the deal to do 100 hours of community service and contribute $1500 towards the down payment for the house.  

I could not be prouder of Green, Simmons and McNair for their good deed.  I could not be more disappointed in ESPN and the Chronicle for failing to shine the light on this story that it so justly deserves, instead choosing to rub fans' faces in Vick, Tank and Adam 24/7, 365.  Circulate this story among your friends and family as a reminder that elite professional athletic talent and impeccable character do not have to be mutually exclusive characteristics.