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No Surprise, But Disappointing Nonetheless

In a "development" that shouldn't really shock Texans fans, Charles "Big Nasty" Spencer has been placed on the PUP list, which means he won't be back on the field any earlier than the seventh game of the season.  Maybe it's the beer talking, but I'd be a lot more freaked out by this if Ephraim Salaam hadn't performed pretty damn well in a pinch last season.  Throw in the addition of Jordan Black (also known as "Turnstile" to Kansas City fans), and there's at least the perception of some depth.  Slightly superior to the days of Seth Wand and a sack of children's letters to Santa, anyway.

Frankly, I'm wholly in favor of Spencer taking his sweet time to heal.  Given the severity of his injury (remember--a few months ago, doctors feared he might not ever play again), patience should be the word in mapping a timetable for his return to the lineup.  No need to rush a potential long-term starter at LT back until his knee has passed every conceivable test the trainers can throw at him.