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BRB and DGDB&D Join Forces

Bonded by common threads of (a) defending the Mario Williams pick, (b) a blinding hatred of Charley Casserly, (c) a disturbing worship of Gary Kubiak, and (d) a steadfast belief that Matt Schaub's birthday will one day be a national holiday, one of the minds behind BRB (yours truly) and the sole mind behind Da Good, Da Bad, and DeMeco (aliases include Matt and/or MDC) have resolved to meet tomorrow (07/27/07) at 8 p.m. CST )at a local tavern (Char Bar, located downtown at 305 Travis) to discuss the state of your Houston Texans.  

Rumor has it that copious amounts of spirits may be consumed, possibly to the point that we successfully rationalize the Texans' 2005 draft strategy as something more than "Charley Casserly Must Have Done Fifty-Seven Hits of LSD That Weekend."  Every loyal Texans fan (all fourteen of them) is cordially invited to join us, though we are fully aware that the evening will probably consist of little more than Matt and I slurring poorly conceived new ways to describe David Carr's quarterbacking.  So come one, come all.  Consider this the exhibition game for tailgating at Reliant in September.