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Amobi Okoye Signs!

Whew.  With this move, all Texans rookies (and veterans, for that matter) are signed, sealed, and delivered to the bubble in Reliant Park in time for the first team practice of training camp.  Financial terms of Amobi's deal aren't yet available as of the time of this post, but we know it's a six-year deal.  We also know that Matt/MDC's bold prediction of a late-night Okoye signing has come to pass, and that he subsequently may possess eerie psychic powers.  Should you make it out to meet him at Char Bar tomorrow (Friday) night, I bet he'll read your palm.  Or make you buy him a drink.  One of those two things is sure to happen.

Viva Okoye!

Update [2007-7-27 16:48:26 by Tim]: The financial terms are now public. From the Chronicle:

"Okoye's contract has $12.785 million in cash guarantee and a maximum value of $17.6 million. The cash guarantee is a 12.6-percent increase over what the No. 10 player received last season."