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Chris Taylor Out For Season?

Buried in the Chronicle's notes section, I came across the disturbing news that BRB favorite Chris Taylor is going under the knife today and could be lost for the season.  While I may be one of the few people outside Taylor's immediate family visibly shaken about this news, make no mistake--this has an impact on the team.  Ahman Green and Ron Dayne have the first two RB slots nailed down, but the competition for the third spot was expected to be fierce.  With Taylor out, Wali Lundy would appear to be the favorite to make the team.  Assuming, of course, that his back heals up enough to allow him to take the field in order to stave off any other challengers (see, e.g., Griffin, Q; Pass, P.).

Some other nuggets:

-Texans signed Kevin Barry.  I know absolutely nothing about him, except that he is an exceptionally large man.  Well, that and the fact that he plays tackle, which we've seen is something of which a team can never have enough.

-Jameel Cook may be back sooner rather than later.  Personally, I've got my fingers crossed that Jon Abbate makes the backup FB spot his own in Cook's absence.  I still haven't forgiven Cook for his play last season.

-Ephraim Salaam hates all the negative talk about the OL about as much as I do.  Unlike me, he's going to do something about it apart from drinking heavily everytime someone brings it up.

Friday night's summit was a ton of fun, even if it almost killed MDC.  We'll certainly be doing it again, likely before a Texans game at Reliant. If anyone knows a paramedic that could attend for MDC's sake, that'd be great.