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I Feel the Same Sensation Watching the Texans on Sundays

DT Ben Lynch tore his ACL while participating in Texans' training camp in August 2003, and the horrific cycle of infections, surgeries and complications that followed leave Lynch far from his playing days with the 49ers. According to the linked article, Lynch can only walk about 200 yards at a time and gets this "wild, burning pain just sitting around watching television".  Sad story, and unquestionably uncanny timing by his lawyer considering the recent congressional testimony by a handful of ex-players regarding the ineffectiveness of the NFL disability board.  

Friend of BRB Michael McCann discusses the broader topic of player pensions and disability compensation at his excellent site Sports Law Blog.  I highly recommend taking a look at Mike's post as well as the articles that Mike links to, which go into greater detail as to the amount of money that retired NFL players receive in monthly pension (it's not as much as you might think) and the number of and procedure for disability filings made to the NFL by its players.  

Taken in the context of the NFL enjoying record revenues, attendance and popularity while also hiring its players on a non-guaranteed basis, this topic is exceedingly interesting.  One hopes that some good may come of the attention being placed on this issue (as well as the Andre Waters suicide) and that the League will begin to be more cooperative and generous when it comes to taking care of those men who have sacrificed their bodies and in many ways, their futures, to allow the League to enjoy the unbridled success that it is currently enjoying.