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Texans Sign Patrick Pass

As discussed in the post below, the Texans responded to Chris Taylor's season-ending injury by auditioning Quentin Griffin, Patrick Pass, and a mysteriously returning Darius Walker.  Seems like Pass won the lottery, as the Texans agreed to terms with him today.  I have to believe that Pass' versatility was likely the chief factor in this decision, as he is a known quantity on special teams even if he doesn't break into a crowded backfield.

In other camp news, Jerome Solomon actually had a few interesting observations in his chat today.  Normally, I'd rather watch Chad Stanley "highlights" over reading Solomon's "work," but the fact is that he's at camp and I'm not.  As the movie "Alive" taught us, desperation can make us do the unthinkable.  With that caveat in mind, be sure to take a look at what Jerome had to say about The Schaub, Eric Winston, and Fred Bennett.