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Way To Go, Travis Johnson

You've officially been supplanted by a guy who was delivering furniture for a living less than a year ago.  The official site is reporting that BRB favorite Anthony Maddox is "now the player that other guys are going to have to supplant as the starter."  Don't get me wrong--I love Anthony Maddox.  He's a great story, and I think there's something to the fact that he was stuck behind Marcus Stroud and John Henderson on the depth chart in Jacksonville.  So needless to say, I'm ecstatic that Maddox is a Texan, and I'm happy he'll run through the tunnel as a starter on 09/09/07.

As great as that is, however, it's just as pathetic that ANOTHER of Charley Casserly's vaunted draftees (a first-round pick not named David Carr, no less) will be lucky to have a job with the team that drafted him just two (2) years ago.  Take a bow, Travis Johnson.  You've certainly proven that Casserly's brilliant decision to trade back a few spots, thus passing on Jammal Brown and Derrick Johnson, must have been the result of (a) a fiendish scheme to get himself fired and/or (b) a four-day bender that must have included toxic amounts of Old Crow, kerosene, and Sauza.